An Update on My Absence This Month

It’s now been over a month since I published my critique of the Definite-Personal (D-P) interpretation of John 1:1c. I didn’t intend to draw out my series on John 1:1c for so long, but due to a number of reasons I have (more or less) had to do so. For the sake of my anonymity I won’t share specific details, but I want to share with readers why I’ve been absent this month.

I’ve been incredibly busy with academics and my family. It’s possible for these two reasons alone I will not be posting as regularly as I’d like to for the rest of the year.

It will take quite a while, I think, for my critique of the other three ways Oneness Pentecostals can interpret John 1:1c to go live. The first post way way longer than I expected, and the others may be close to the same length. I want to be fair, correct, and thorough with these posts, and this is taking me much longer than I had anticipated. As I’ve thought about writing them, I’ve vacillated my opinions a couple of times. There’s a few things I have to settle, philosophically and exegetically, before I can continue.

I hope to continue with the logic series and with other posts to keep the content coming regularly. But if I shift my attention too much that will take longer for me to write about John 1:1c. In any case, as I get a handle on my current life circumstances I hope to continue moving toward my goal of making this website the go-to hub for discussing Oneness Pentecostal theology.

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