About This Website


The Oneness Exchange is a website whose purpose is to explore the theology of Oneness Pentecostalism in a responsible, respectful, and accessible way. This exploration will be guided by an in-depth discussion of the best available resources on the topic.

The most mainstream (and probably the largest) organization of Oneness believers is the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). This website is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by the UPCI. The content on this website belongs solely to its author(s), and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the UPCI.

Even though our exploration of Oneness Pentecostal theology will be as comprehensive as possible, this does not mean that every imaginable claim that is made for (or against) it will be examined. A comment by Saint Augustine is instructive here:

And yet, will we ever come to an end of discussion and talk if we think we must always reply to replies? For replies come from those who either cannot understand what is said to them, or are so stubborn and contentious that they refuse to give in even if they do understand. . . . You can see how infinitely laborious and fruitless it would be to try to refute every objection they offer, when they have resolved never to think before they speak provided that somehow or other they contradict our arguments.

City of God, Book II, Chapter 1


The goal of The Oneness Exchange is to give a fair hearing what Oneness Pentecostals believe. This means that both sides of the exchange between Oneness and trinitarian theologians will be examined by the same standards.

There is a real need for a unique, honest development of the arguments on both sides so that informed dialogue can continue. The Oneness Exchange exists to bridge the gap between content and conversation. For conversation to take place, the content needs to be understood by everybody. And for the content to have any strength, it must be examined and re-examined through conversation.

This means that conversation is the primary way that you can contribute to this website. As the occasion strikes you, please feel free to engage in meaningful discussion and to make recommendations by contacting me.

Update: This discussion has been expanded in this post.