Comment Policy

Any comments made on this website will be reviewed. If you haven’t made a comment before, your first post will have to be approved. After that, please be sure to follow these guidelines so that we can have fruitful dialogue and so that your comments don’t have to be removed.

1. Use the “Golden Rule”

Jesus’ so-called Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12 ought to be the foremost guideline for two reasons. First, everyone should remember that there are real people behind the comments being made on this website. If all you care about is being right, then you don’t really care about the person (or people) you are trying to persuade.

Second, the Golden Rule also applies to arguments. That is, you should treat other peoples’ arguments the way that you would like yours to be treated.

2. Stick to the arguments

Unless you can show that it is somehow relevant to the content of the argument being made, any reference to the character of the individual making the argument is invalid. Whether or not an argument is true usually has nothing to do with who is giving the argument.

Don’t personally attack people. Period.

3. Avoid filthy language

The website aims to reach people of all ages. For that reason, filthy language (such as curse words or inappropriate terms) should be avoided. We can talk about God without swearing can’t we?

Consider what Dallas Willard says about this:

Filthy language and name calling are always an expression of contempt. The current swarm of filthy language floats upon the sea of contempt in which our society is now adrift.

The Divine Conspiracy, p. 152 (emphasis in original)

In other words, if you are using filthy language, chances are you are violating the conditions already discussed above because you are expressing contempt toward another person or that person’s idea(s).

I reserve the right to remove or censor any comments that do not meet these standards. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about these guidelines, please feel free to contact me.