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An Introduction to Logical Fallacies

If you’ve been following this logic series, you already have a lot of the essential knowledge that you need to understand what fallacies are and how to avoid them. I’ve already introduced the most important concepts in the post entitled “The Qualities of Good Arguments.” Calling this post an “introduction” to logical fallacies is somewhat superfluous… Continue reading An Introduction to Logical Fallacies

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Series Introduction: Retractions

I have to begin with the classic deserted island question: If you were stranded on an island by yourself and could only bring one book, which one would you bring? I think the question, stated in this way, is a bit unfair. Any Christian, after all, is going to answer “the Bible” (I hope). So… Continue reading Series Introduction: Retractions


Series Introduction: Explorations

The tagline of this website is “Exploring Oneness Pentecostal Theology.” As I said in the series on my spiritual and intellectual journey, I’ve spent most of my life among Oneness Pentecostals. That means my theological reflections begin with the Oneness views and work from there. By contrasting the Oneness Pentecostal views with the views of… Continue reading Series Introduction: Explorations