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The Definite-Personal Interpretation of John 1:1c

In the last two posts we’ve looked at the grammar and syntax of John 1:1, and also the four different ways Oneness Pentecostals can interpret John 1:1c. In this post, I’m going to discuss the Definite-Personal (D-P) interpretation of John 1:1c and say why I don’t think this is a good interpretation. If you recall… Continue reading The Definite-Personal Interpretation of John 1:1c

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Introduction to Logical Symbols

The first set of tools that we need to reconstruct, raise, and evaluate deductive arguments are logical symbols. A good deductive argument must follow the Structural Principle of the Code of Intellectual Conduct, which says that deductive arguments should adhere to rules of argumentation that produce formally valid, sound arguments. That principle is true when… Continue reading Introduction to Logical Symbols