Greek: Audio

This page contains audio lectures on Dr. Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar  and lectures on textual criticism by Daniel B. Wallace.

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar

The following lectures are provided by You can find the actual course page here.

I would highly recommend going through Dr. Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar textbook as you go through these lectures. You cannot learn Greek by going through these lectures by themselves. They are useful for review and clarification only if you have gone through the corresponding section in the textbook.

Click here to download a .rar file of all of the Greek audio recordings. I have edited the metadata for all of these recordings so that they are well-organized in your audio software and devices. I recommend downloading these files if you want to increase your listening speed.


1. Greetings

2. Introduction

3. The Alphabet and Pronunciation

4. Punctuation and Syllabification


5. Introduction to English Nouns

6. Nominative and Accusative; Definite Article

7. Genitive and Dative

8. Prepositions

9. Adjectives

10. Third Declension

11. First and Second Person Personal Pronouns

12. αὐτός

13. Demonstrative Pronouns & Adjectives

14. Relative Pronoun

Verbs (Indicative)

15. Introduction to Verbs

16. Present Active Indicative

17. Contract Verbs

18. Present Middle & Passive Indicative

19. Future Active & Middle Indicative

20. Verbal Roots and Other Forms of the Future

21. Imperfect Indicative

22. Second Aorist Active & Middle Indicative

23. First Aorist Active & Middle Indicative

24. Aorist and Future Passive Indicative

25. Perfect Indicative

Verbs (Nonindicative)

26. Introduction to Participles

27. Present (Continuous) Adverbial Participles

28. Aorist (Undefined) Adverbial Participles

29. Adjectival Participles

30. Perfect Participles and Genitive Absolutes

31. Subjunctive Mood

32. Infinitive

33. Imperative

34. μι Verbs (Active Indicative of δίδωμι)

35. Additional μι Verbs and Nonindicative Forms

Textual Criticism

Additional Lectures

The Basics of New Testament Textual Criticism (CSNTM)