Greek: Study Tools

This page contains study sets that I have put together on my account.

(Basic) Greek Vocabulary

This study set contains words that occur 50 times or more in the New Testament. The words and definitions are taken from Dr. Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar(The vocabulary words given currently go through Chapter 34 of the textbook.)

Note: I only include the present active indicative tense form for verbs. Following each verb is the verbal root in parentheses indicated by an asterisk (*).

(Intermediate) Greek Vocabulary · Coming Soon!

(Basic) Verbal Tense Forms

This study set contains the six tense forms (principal parts) for each verb occurring 50 times or more in the New Testament. (I’ve added λύω though.) Anything that is in bold should probably be memorized, as indicated by Dr. Mounce in the appendix to Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar.

Any tense form appearing in parentheses is an imperfect active indicative form that I have added to be memorized. All verbal roots are indicated by an asterisk (*).

(Intermediate) Verbal Tense Forms · Coming Soon!