Live Chat

The Oneness Exchange currently hosts a live chat server through Discord. I will not be posting a public link to the chat channel. However, joining the chat channel is still easy:

  1. Register a free account at Discord.
  2. Use the request form below to send me your Discord username (usually formatted: Name#1111) and a short message about why you would like to join the chat channel.
  3. It would be helpful if you provide your doctrinal affiliation as well (Oneness, Trinitarian, Undecided/Neither), but it is not required.
  4. Once I review your request, I will directly invite you to the channel. I reserve the right to refuse anybody access to the chat channel though.

If you want to skip steps (2)-(4), you can directly add or message me on Discord. My username is Theophilus#6244.

Interaction through the chat server must adhere to the comment policy and the live chat policy. Please be sure to review both of these before you attempt to join the server.

Chat Access Request Form

Please note: If you use the contact page to submit this information, it will take longer for your request to be processed.