Series Index

This page is meant to be an easy-to-access index of each series on this website. Each link will lead you to a series index for each subject. Be sure to click the “Introduction” button for each post first!

My Journey · Introduction

In these posts I give details about my life with the specific purpose of saying what I have the aims that I do, and why I have created this website.

Logic 101 · Introduction

Theology requires thinking as hard as we can about God and what he has revealed to us. Logic is in indispensable, and necessary, tool for doing this.

Explorations · Introduction

This is where the tagline of this website (“Exploring Oneness Pentecostal Theology”) takes shape. The main topics of the Oneness of God and Oneness Pentecostal views on salvation are discussed here. But topics in the other central loci of the Christian faith are explored as well.

Retractions · Introduction

Inspired by St. Augustine’s work by the same name, this is where I withdraw or correct things that I have written on this website.

Summa Saturdays · Introduction

Follow the format of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, I collect arguments for and against questions about Oneness Pentecostal theology and provide my own perspective on them.