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General Topics: Theology is Everybody’s Business

Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics): The Greek Alphabet · Some Basics in New Testament Greek Grammar

Crucial Distinctions: Economic Trinity vs. Essential Trinity · Aristotle’s Four Causes · Monotheism vs. Polytheism · Unitarianism vs. Trinitarianism · Platonism vs. Aristotelianism · Timeless (A-Temporal) vs. Temporal · Free Will vs. Determinism

Doctrine of God (Theology Proper)

General Topics:

Theories about the Godhead: Theories about the Godhead (Introduction) · Three Competing Theories About the Godhead

Classical Theism: An Introduction to the Classical Views about God · What is Divine Simplicity? · God and His Knowledge · God and His Actions

Doctrine of Christ (Christology)

Theories about the Incarnation: What’s Wrong with Nestorianism?

Common Objections Against Trinitarians: Does Jesus Have Two Fathers?

Common Objections Against Oneness Pentecostals: Is Jesus His Own Father?

Old Testament

Deuteronomy: Deuteronomy 6:4. Does the Shema Imply that God is One Person?

New Testament

The Gospel of John: John 1:1-18. The Grammar and Syntax of John 1:1 · Four Interpretations of John 1:1c: Definite-Personal, Definite-Impersonal, Qualitative-Impersonal, Qualitative-Personal · A Possible Solution for a Oneness View of John 1:1 · A Common Oneness Objection to John 1:1 · A Trinitarian Argument for Jesus’ Personal Pre-Existence in John 1 · William Arnold III on John 1:1 (Part 1, Part 2) · Marvin Treece’s “The Oneness Exposition of John 1:1-14” | John 17. Why Are Jesus’ Prayers a Problem?