Series Index: Logic 101


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General Topics: What’s an Argument? · Two Basic Types of Arguments · Learning to R.E.A.D. · A Code of Intellectual Conduct · The Qualities of Good Arguments · How to Have Fruitful Conversations (Part 1, Part 2)


General Topics: How to Reconstruct an Argument · Four Types of Terms · How to Define Terms · How to Raise an Argument · How to Outline an Argument

Deductive Logic: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions · Introduction to Logical Symbols · 8 Basic Rules of Logic · Conditional Proofs · 5 Laws of Deductive Logic


Deductive Logic: Introduction to Truth Tables · How to Use Truth Tables · Truth Tables and Logical Symbols · Changing Propositions Around


To Believe, or Not to Believe? · Arguing Forward and Arguing Backward · On Revisiting Arguments


Deductive Logic: Rules for Denying Arguments · Constructing Dilemmas · Reductio ad Absurdum Arguments · Parodies and Counterexamples · The Role of Counter-Arguments · Inconsistent Claims

Logical Fallacies · Introduction

Structural Principle: Denying the Antecedent and Affirming the Consequent · Improper Direct Inference · Undistributed Middle Term

Relevance Principle:

Acceptability Principle:

Sufficiency Principle: 

Rebuttal Principle: