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Logic 101: What’s an Argument?

This entire series is going to be focused on finding and evaluating arguments. But nothing that I said in the Series Introduction indicated exactly what I mean by an “argument” in the first place. I’ll explain that in this post. What Arguments Are Not Let’s start by clearing away some misconceptions about what arguments are.… Continue reading Logic 101: What’s an Argument?

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Series Introduction: Logic 101

Let’s start this series with a scenario that you may, or may not, ever find yourself in. You are walking through your favorite antique store when you accidentally bump into a fragile item on a shelf. The next two seconds seem like slow motion as you watch the item fall to the floor and shatter.… Continue reading Series Introduction: Logic 101

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My Journey (Part 5): Evil and Suffering

Last time I talked about my decision to really begin to follow Jesus whole-heartedly, despite the fact that I was seeking love in teenage infatuation. This time I’ll talk about how I took on the role of Job’s comforters shortly after I made this decision. After only a couple months after I made my decision… Continue reading My Journey (Part 5): Evil and Suffering